We scour thrift and antique stores for loose beads, broken pieces, and necklaces that have outlived their usefulness, then deconstruct and remake them into new pieces with new life. Jewely using these "Repurposed" beads is especially unique since we're starting with beads we may not be able to buy new. If you see something you like, grab it before someone else does!

"Singular" beads are those which are new, but were obtained in very limited quantities. Those pieces may be able to be reproduced, but these may be the only ones available.

Earring length is measured from the point where the wire enters the ear, so the length measurements listed include from the top of the ear wire to the last little drop.

We sell earrings at Fables Books in Goshen, a small town in northern Indiana. We have a thriving downtown with specialty shops and restaurants you'll love. Our selection at Fables is always changing, so stop by when you're in the area!

Right now we're focusing on enhancing our earring inventory. As the business grows, we may add necklaces or bracelets if there is demand. And of course, we will always entertain custom requests!

We make each piece of jewely by hand using our own designs. That means we have unique pieces and can design custom beaded pieces just for you!

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